Christianity in High Heels


How \’this\’ Single Christian girl thrives in the world

The high heeled one

The high heeled oneI’m just a Christian girl (who’ll never believe she’s just average and so should you) who wants to write about things that are good and great from hereon. I’m a work in progress from my attitude to my dry hair to changing the way I walk. (Because I break a lot of my shoes.)

And Jesus is the love of my life.



I’ve already bought my own domain!  Go ahead and take a look at


10 Responses

  1. steve says:

    Hi there,

    I stumbled across your site, and enjoyed reading all your entries – they’re very frank, insightful, and well-written! Quite fascinating and entertaining!

    God bless you, sister. =)


  2. Aaron says:


    I tagged you on my blog for “The 5 things you don’t know about me”. Good luck!

  3. Cathy says:

    Hi Miss High Heel!

    I love your blog and I thank God for you.

  4. CG says:

    Hello! I too stumbled across your website while doing a search for “examples of turning the other cheek.” You sound like a very cool Christian lady! I’m a Christian guy who “struggles” (I put “struggles” in quotes because it’s not always a difficult thing) with seeing high heels on women and hoping/wondering if there were any or at least a few Christian women who enjoyed wearing them– properly! As in, not in a trashy manner.

    So it’s good to find this site, and as I have perused it, it’s been even better to read your comments/thoughts on many other subjects as well. Basically—YOU ROCK!

  5. Gise11e says:


    I enjoyed some of the Articles that you’ve posted and shared over here. Echoing the same thoughts that some of my frens & I are having.

    i am also a single Christian lady myself who believes in living Life to the Fullest. I love to dress up myself, pat on a little makeup and chill-out with my lovely Christian gal & guy pals at times too (^__^)



  6. hi there! your site is very interesting. i love the perspective of being a child of god, girl style!
    may god bless you!

    ps: god accepts exchanges! thank u jesus!

  7. TrynabeHolyuntotheLORD says:

    You’re a blessing. I haven’t read much but I’ll be checking your site weekly to read your updates. You remind me much of myself and it’s lovely to hear your heart. I’m from London, so you’re international baby. Again your blessed.


  8. Matthew says:

    I enjoyed hearing a Christian girl’s point of view on these issues that are very frustrating! It honestly is hard to even imagine yall’s opinions on some of these issues, lol.

  9. Kelly says:

    I was reading some of your posts and love it. How do I get in touch with you? I wondered if you would be interested in writing a column in a print publication. Please email me!

  10. Nonto Mdlalosse says:

    Wow I love this! Can I be part of u guys:-)

    God bless u

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