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New Shoes travelling from Christianity in High Heels

Traveling on with new shoes! (Allons-y!)

Back blogging at Christianity in High Heels, I thought that I would expand the contents of the site better so that it would include a lot of other areas such as fashion, travel, and lifestyle, while still blogging about the usual things that would affect any single Christian girl.  (Of course, you know, that’d be about faith, work and love.)

A lot of women have written to say that they were encouraged by this blog.  And surprisingly, a lot of men have also written that they were pleased to know how to figure out Christian women.  (Guys, are we really that hard to understand? 😉

Well, the journey goes on.  I think we ought to continue figuring it out together.  I’ve got no crystal ball.  I’ve only got Christ.  That will just ensure that our future is secure in him as we finish this marathon of life.

I know that you like the title Christianity in High Heels (based on the recent poll I conducted.)  I myself was sad to part with it because it’s very down-to-earth and it just sounds more lovable.  But it is also long.  I came up with a new title called Salt Mode, as being ‘salt of the Earth’ is something that Jesus mandated Himself.  This word has hit me hard.  It’s something that we all have to be.  It may be a small thing but it adds flavor to everything around it.  It makes everything good.  Now, that’s something I’d want to be.  It’s the word with the revelation so this will be its title.

I’ve got my new shoes (crystal lucite pink strappy heels?) to walk on.  Let’s not just have fun with walking through life.  Let’s add some spice and style into it!


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