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Beauty Standards: Is it high school all over again?

I came over to reading this article from Newsweek where it reported on a study that said attractive men and women earn more than their…well… ‘less attractive’ counterparts. 

That part where we thought had ended in high school — the days when jocks and cheerleaders reigned in school — seemed to be coming right back in the workplace, the last place where you thought your education or your smarts would enable you to get to the top.

So back at work, is it high school all over again?

We all know that the ages and gravity will catch up equally to both the attractive and unattractive.  After all, “charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.”  (Prov. 31: 30)  In the future, Scarlett Johanssen won’t be the bombshell that she was before.  But thinking of things in the future just doesn’t really ease up our present, doesn’t it?

With a report surveyed by Newsweek like that, we have come to face the reality — the now, the present — that well, attractiveness is pleasant.  Whether we believe that’s true seems to be immaterial to statistic.

Hold on, I’m not saying that we should go on and believe everything we hear, especially not take everything we hear and put it to heart.  I am just in the opinion that being beautiful is important.  And it helps.

The Bible says a lot about beauty.  Everything God created is beautiful (including me and you).  God Himself is beautiful.  And even in practical Proverbs 31, a chapter on how to be a good wife (and a chapter favorite among Christian women), says that this great girl actually “is clothed in fine linen and purple.”  (Prov. 31: 22)

It seems to sound like a stretch for the Bible to sanction dressing up well, but now there’s a verse for it.  It just seems to be inherent in women to want to stay attractive and be presentable.  There’s nothing really wrong with that. 

It’s not high school all over again.  What happens on the internal is just better to be reflected on the external.  I find that this is all the more true shopping for friends’ makeovers.  No matter how much new clothes or makeup, or even a drastic change in hairstyle we put on them, it’s still a failure once they start walking still feeling ugly in them.  It just comes out.  You can’t hide it. 

The outside just accentuates what we have inside.  Now on the inside, this thing you have, this hope, this lightness, this freedom… is something only a God can take care of. (Matt. 11:28)

You can take care of being clothed in the “fine linen and purple,” now that God has taken care of the beauty inside of you. 


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