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Inspiring things I’ve heard today: Overcoming the discouragement test

“God is saying that you’ve been lifting down your head too long.  I am the lifter of your head.”

“Instead of being heavy with discouragement, you’ll be heavy with joy, favor, victory.  He [God] is the glory and lifter of our head.”

“Life may have withered you in some area, along the way you were discouraged and you had given up on the dream….you’ve got plenty of excuses…no these are strongholds keeping you from God’s best.”

Joel Osteen, #476: Overcoming Discouragement
How uncanny is it to have found this message exactly today and have Joel Osteen name Naomi (my name) as an example.  In this message, Joel Osteen says that discouragement keeps us stuck but God does not want us to stay stuck.  He wants us to move forward towards that dream, that life, that future that He has prepared for us in advance.  


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