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Fashion is getting too forward

On the lighter side of things, I come browsing through Vogue’s and saw that their observations from all the Spring 2009 fashions have come forward and they have analyzed the trends just when I have begun to stock on some plum and florals for the fall season.

Well, okay… so where I live, we don’t have four seasons but this doesn’t stop me from following fashion trends the way it’s being led by these four seasons now, right?

Guys probably won’t understand… or maybe other women for that matter.  But to me, fashion is art that you wear and I am one of those who take that seriously.  How serious you might ask?  Well… the fall trends each year is my favorite — the colors are richer and the designs get too imaginative with big accessories, big boots, animal prints, fur, etc.  People just cover up for fall and winter whereas the spring/summer ones are light and breezy.  But alas… it only lasts for a brief moment and then the spring/summer fashions are here again.

I have friends and family who live in countries where four seasons exist, and like everybody else, they look forward to the spring/summer seasons where they drop their Uggs and easily slip into a dress and Havaianas.  I probably am not like everyone else.  But at least, I got to see Vogue’s observations for Spring 2009 trends and liked some.

Check out these two choices.

There were other fashion choices which I feel are not for everyone.  The statement pants which are tapered to the knee will make my huge hips look bigger, while the ‘Results Dress’ look really good but going around too bandaged will make me get off my weekly ice cream reward.  (so that’s a dealbreaker!)


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