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This Christian girl’s honest view on ‘Sex and the City’

Yes, I did watch the movie.  (Hold on to the next gasp because I’m going to say….)

I saw it with other Christian girl friends as well.  (Exhale.)

Why I saw it and why I’m putting in a public review of the movie will be the subject of this next post.  Come and stick around further to know why.

Prompted by a review
Recently, I have come around this article in Boundless, which then prompted me to find out whether or not it’s true that Christianity Today had a positive review of Sex and the City.  I found the review to be quite disturbing.  Here’s a Christian girl reviewing a movie that she just said had a “threesome, a naked man in a shower, some steamy makeup sex” mostly served up an endorsement of this same movie as, “But it was refreshing to have a single woman’s sexuality acknowledged. In stark contrast, the last time anyone in a Christian setting spoke to the fact that I’m a sexual human being was in a college church group, where I was blithely instructed that “true love waits.” Well, 15 years later, it’s still waiting. And it ain’t so blithely simple.”

Now that is just plain weird.

The whole world already expects Christians NOT to endorse anything with graphic and detailed scenes of “steamy makeup sex” yet here comes a review saying that well… it’s not quite ok but it is ok.

I don’t think that I should quote anything from the Bible stating why we shouldn’t think Sex and the City is such a great basis for me regarding my sexuality.  That thought has been quite obvious to the world so all Christians know why.  I also don’t want to go further into details of the review.  Let me just say I completely disagree with it.  Here’s my own review then.

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