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Inspiring things I’ve heard today: On limits and taking the safe course

I asked advice from a friend on how to drum up a potential ministry using simple and safe methods, as I was too stingy with resources, and he said: “Stingy efforts produce stingy results.

I thought that I’m a very adventurous person but I guess it’s not so when it comes to money and my time.  I’ve saved enough but I’m waiting for things to come to me until this wake up call: “I’ve found that luck is quite predictable.  If you want more luck, take more chances.  Be active.  Show up more often.”  — Brian Tracy

I think the above doesn’t mean ‘luck’ as a special ding or whammy you get out of the sky.  It talks about an active destiny–the one that you search for and look after.  My pastor who was teaching about this woman who Jesus healed (just by touching his cloak), said that this woman did have a faith.  It saved her.  But one thing that struck me was when she said, “Faith is active.  Faith got up and received that healing.”  — Sis. Shoddy Chase

I guess I’ve been stuck in my own fear that I stayed in my own place sitting still on it.  It is true that we are our own worst enemy.  Just like, Eleanor Roosevelt said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” 

So in times that you do feel inferior (because it’s not like you’re ok everyday.) Nothing beats the voice of our Lord and Savior.  He said simply.  He said it direct.  He said it with complete honesty and sincerity.  And He knows what He’s talking about.

“Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” — Jesus (Mark 5:36)


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