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To a new year of added blessings, revelations and uh… love? (yes, love!)

200573616-001 - women happyWow… it really felt like it was yesterday that I put up an entry about a new year of open doors (even when it seemed at that time, I had none.)

The blessings of course kept coming simply because I know I have a God who ensured that it did.  And bad things also came because I knew that someone else prevented me from going towards my dream.

But here I am — still blessed and ultimately… greatly even more blessed.  I am assured of this because I believe in it so… Jesus himself assured it.

I just re-learned a few things.  By re-learn, I meant that I had heard of these things before but only realized them later when they became real to me.  One of them is that, “courage is not the absence of fear.  Courage is what happens when you do things inspite of your fear.”

I think this kind of re-learning is important as this new year comes.  There certainly will be things that I must do which will definitely make my life better than ever, but I will be afraid to do them.  But I will have to use courage to crush down all the stupid expectations and exaggerated imaginations with real hope and courage.

Along with that, I hope to increase my wardrobe because good appearances come with increased territories.

And as with increased territories, let me share with you what Pastor Paul Chase, pastor of New Life Church, has shared:

Vision is bigger than ambition.  Ambition can be accomplished with good planning, resources and it can be accomplished without God.  Your vision may be bigger than you think.  You may be astounded as to how in the world you can do it, but that’s why it’s a vision — you can’t do it without God.  A vision from God is selfless.  It is for good.  God will do the harder part and our part is to believe.

For this year, go on and do your vision.  It is way bigger than what you can imagine but it’ll be exciting to know what you’ll be working with God on it.


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