Christianity in High Heels


How \’this\’ Single Christian girl thrives in the world

Acting normally unique

It’s not that hard to get along with people until they know you’re a “practicing Christian.”  Some friends have skirted the topics of speed dating and sex when I’m around even though I can freely talk about it. 35MWXM5TP6AS

There are times that I just want to go and talk to about it that they’d be surprised how candid I can be.  It’s not like it’s taboo.  I just have a different perspective on things.  In other words, I can be normal.  I can go into a party in my little black dress and talk about anything without getting flustered.

It’s just that the desire to be “normal” is a sketchy issue in itself.  I am “normal” in this sense but I am also unique.  What difference is there between myself and someone who is a liberal?  Like the rest of the world, I have no problem going to a party and dance the night away.  But unlike the rest of the world, I would have to do this skipping the alcohol and with zero possibility of going to some guy’s place when the night ends.  A liberal would do that like the rest of the world now, but unlike the rest of the world, he probably has some unique views on marriage.

The irony about being “normal” is that you are also normally expected to be unique because everyone has to ‘liberated from the mindset of the status quo’ at one way or another.  People may chide you for choosing to wait on sex before marriage but these are the same people who idolize rebels.  (This is why vampires and ‘The Matrix’ have gone beyond cult status and into overwhelming popularity.) Read the rest of this entry »


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