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Where did all my mush go? (plus some site rethinking)

I don’t understand where all the mush went.  You know, the little butterflies in your stomach, that heavy sigh, the sinking in your heart when you see or experience something ultimately sweet.

I think mine was gone.  All gone.

I tried hard to get back this giggly feeling, this gushing, this sentimental nothingness that just made me feel light and happy… sometimes ditzy for nothing… but it’s this little illogical thrill I enjoy.  And I used to like the nonsensical lighthearted feeling of it all for no purpose except to bring me that kinda feeling.

But lately, it has its use because I need to continue writing this little love story and I can’t get between point A to B without this little connecting line that I have to write.

I sigh now because I want to get it back, but no amount of romcom, music or drama can re-ignite what I once had.  The usual tools can’t be counted on.  I wonder what could help?

Speaking of re-igniting things, I intend to create a new site based on this blog.  It will have something more on style, fashion, lifestyle and even travel.  Thank you to all for visiting Christianity in High Heels and your suggestions on the name.

I haven’t decided on anything yet so please keep voting and do send some comments and suggestions if you have some!


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