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Can you listen to imperfect people?

I came upon this article from Time magazine. It talked about how famous evangelists on television have publicly fallen from grace due to the “rigidity” of evangelical Christianity. In short, it says that these famous evangelists are too rigid — everything that the Bible says is true but don’t practice this rigidity when it comes to their own life.

For example, some famous evangelists have divorced from some reason or other other than what the Bible expressly says about it — Jesus said ‘no divorce except for unfaithfulness.’ They divorced out of some reason or other.

I’m not here to comment on what the Bible says about divorce and how one verse could rely on another or not. I know what the Bible says about divorce. I also know what the Bible says about love in marriage. What I don’t know is who these people exactly are. And I don’t know why they divorced.

The Bible has an encompassing truth about all this, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus also said, “Don’t judge lest you be judged.” So that’s the truth I am going to follow with these people. I’m not privy to their marriage. I wasn’t there. They know what happened. They have other people they’re accountable to and given them counsel. And most of all, aren’t they mature adults who already have the Holy Spirit?

I say, let’s not just give them the benefit of the doubt, let’s go beyond and love them. Isn’t that Christianity is all about?

The question now remains is, can you still receive from them? Can you still listen to them?

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