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The non-negotiables list to "marrying"

Have you heard of ‘The List?’

Supposedly, there was an exercise that existed years ago that you wrote down what your non-negotiables are in a man on this list.  These non-negotiables are the opposite of deal breakers in that the man you have to marry has got to have them.  Otherwise, it’s off!  (Whatever relationship it is you never started.)

I must admit that I got into this even before I learned the reason as to why.  It just sounded fun.  And back then, I believed in a “soul mate” who was “God ordained.”  Meaning, God would basically land this specific person in my lap because he already built one that’s exactly matched with me.  But that was until just a couple of years later, I noticed that I kept crossing out certain things in my list.  (The above is a sample list by the way.  It’s not mine.  But it kind of looks like that.)

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