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No perfect workplace

Work matters in a single person’s life.  In fact, I would say that since we really don’t have any kids (a pet doesn’t really count because it does not have a will of its own) or any other dependents, I would say that work is the part in our life that is our priority.  It takes 8 hours of our day plus at least 2 more hours just commuting to it.  It is the only thing we talk about most of the time because it takes most of our waking hours.  It gives us fulfillment and at the same time gives us temptation to grumble.

Because in all my years of working and going from one workplace to another, I realized the same thing that prevails in all of them — there is no perfect workplace.  Just a perfect God.

It took me all of my years just to come to this point.  I shouldn’t have searched for the perfect place because there isn’t one.  I should’ve just stopped and realized that I already have the perfect God who goes with me wherever I am.

So if you’re thinking of quitting from your post just because the boss is bad, the pantry is full of gossip, and you’re not being appreciated enough, then think hard and wait for God to give you that victory.  It certainly is coming.  There will be a good time and place until you can go on to the next which will give you perfectly good reasons to leave.  But until then, working is a good thing for you to gain some valuable experience and resources.  It’s not a cliche to appreciate that you actually have work.  Strive and keep on against the odds.  God is with you.


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